International Workshop on Source and Channel Coding


Istanbul, TURKEY

August 29-30, 2014

Conference Venue

Conference will take place in KOC University campus. Koc university has 3 campuses in Istanbul. Conference will take place in Rumeli campus of Koc University. Rumeli campus is located in Sariyer district. The web site of the KOC University can be reached from

To arrive in Istanbul you can use Sabiha Gokcen or Ataturk airports. You can arrive in the conference are as described below. In addition you can arrive in the suggested hotel which is Fuatpasa hotel (in Sariyer area) using the same description below.

From Ataturk Airport
• After your arrival in the Ataturk airport you can use Secure Drive shuttle services to arrive in Koc university. You need to make reservation to use the Secure Drive bus services.

• In Ataturk airport, as an alternative you can use HAVATAS bus services to go to Taksim area. From Taksim area using metro go to 4. Levent metro station or Haciosman metro station. At 4. Levent or at Haciosman station leave metro and get on mini-busses which go to Sariyer area.

• When you arrive in Sariyer area get on the Koc university minibusses or take a taxi (approximately 8 dollars).

From Sabiha Gokcen Airport
• From Sabiha Gokcen airport, first go to Taksim area using HAVATAS bus services. Then using metro lines either go to 4. Levent or Haciosman metro station.
Leave metro at 4. Levent or Haciosman metro stations and get on Sariyer minibusses to go to Sariyer.

• After your arrival in Sariyer, either use Koc university minibusses or take a taxi to go to Koc university (approximately 8 dollars).

PS: You should make pre rezervation to use Secure Drive.

PS: Fuatpasa hotel is in Sariyer area.