International Workshop on Source and Channel Coding


Istanbul, TURKEY

August 29-30, 2014

Hotel Info

We below provide the contact information of the hotels where you can stay when you arrive in Istanbul. Please try to make your reservation in Fuat Pasa hotel. That is the nearest hotel to the conference area (Koc University) and has the most suitable price.

While making your reservation in Fuat Pasa hotel, remind the hotel officers about the conference to be held in Koc university. The room prices written below for Fuat Pasa hotel are the discounted prices for only those people who are involved in Koc university activities. For this reason while making your reservation inform the hotel officers such that you will attend to our conference which will be done in Koc university.

Sheraton Maslak is the second nearest hotel to the conference area.

If you want to find your hotel by yourself then try to choose your hotel in Taksim area. Using the following links and you can find hotels in Taksim area.

Hotel Single Room Double Room Web Site Contact
Fuat Pasa 70 € 90 € Sibel Nalci,
Sheraton Maslak Semra Sirin